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Living. Proof. The Divine Lorraine VRF Case Study.

Learn how Samsung HVAC and Pennergy Solutions teamed up to help restore one of America’s most historic buildings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


When developer Eric Blumfield set out to restore one of America’s most historic buildings, he wanted to restore as much of the landmark’s original design and still provide modern comfort. First opened in 1894, the Divine Lorraine’s late-19th century design provided historical charm but little support for traditional HVAC engineering requirements. Limited space to locate and conceal both the indoor and outdoor equipment, the need for individual tenant monitoring, and independent zone control made converting the building into apartments a daunting challenge. Modern HVAC equipment simply didn’t fit the building footprint or original design.


Blumfield turned to Pennergy Solutions who recommended a design that featured Samsung HVAC’s state-of-the-art DVM S Heat Recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system.

“The building wasn’t designed for modern HVAC,” said Rob Lowry of Pennergy Solutions. “So, if you want to stay true to the building’s charm, VRF was the perfect solution.”

The zoning capabilities of a VRF system allow users to adjust individual climate settings, making it a perfect fit for the Divine Lorraine’s lobby and 101 apartment units. The smaller footprint and extended piping length (up to 722 feet and vertical separation up to 361 feet) offered the installation flexibility required to accommodate the Divine Lorraine’s unique requirements.

The apartment units feature the Slim Duct unit, which has a compact design, making it easier to conceal. The lobby features Samsung’s Mini 4-Way Cassettes, which allow for seamless design integration, exceptional efficiency, and minimal noise. The Mini 4-Way Cassette is designed to fit in a standard 2x2 feet ceiling grid without interfering with adjacent ceiling tiles, lights, or sprinkler systems. Samsung’s Pulse Input Module (PIM) technology used in conjunction with Samsung’s Data Management Server (DMS) 2.5 BACnet Gateway allowed Lowry to design the system for exceptional energy monitoring. The PIM allows landlords to log in and pull data for each apartment and accurately bill each tenant for individual usage rather than an average.

Samsung’s DVM S Heat Recovery system delivers heating and cooling with maximum occupant comfort, and allows one of America’s historic buildings to retain its beauty and charm.

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