Why Home Repairs Can Take Time

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

One of the biggest complaints we get is why does it take so long for repair?

The reason is simple and complex, as a home warranty client you need to remember the home warranty company has say over what the repair is completed and must issue us approval prior to making the repair.

Hopefully explaining this process will help you understand why there is a time delay when a home warranty claim is involved.

Here is the steps every service call must go through after the technician comes to your home and diagnosis the problem:

  • Technician completes paperwork stating what the issue is and what needs done to repair unit

  • Paperwork comes back to the office and office staff must find part pricing information

  • Repair estimate and availability of parts is giving to the warranty company either online or via phone.

*Authorization process take anywhere from 2+ hours to 2 days to get approved. If they want more information or cost to repair is close is close to replacement it goes into research which is closer to the 2-3 day mark for approval.

  • If claim is approved or denied we then order the part or if denied we notify the homeowner with what their out of pocket cost will be to repair

  • Once part is received then we call and schedule to make the repair.

There are multiple steps to complete a single service call with the warranty company. Think of the warranty company as an insurance company. The warranty companies do try and speed the approval process up, but it still is basically insurance with coverage guidelines.

We would love to fix your hvac system the first time we are out there, but that is not always possible and the claim must go through this process since each policy has different coverages for repair.

Smaller repairs like blown capacitors, small wiring issues or a small re-charge we can do on the spot because it is a simpler repair. Board replacements, cracked heat exchangers, larger freon leak or replacing motors they have to go through the process and price of repairs depend on part accessibility and brand needed for the repair.

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